Scotsburn Campus

Buninyong Primary School is very lucky to have a second campus at Scotsburn.  This campus is very much part of Buninyong PS, as demonstrated by: 

  • Both campuses are part of the 1 governance structure, which includes a School Council, Principal, and suite of policies and procedures. 
  • A single philosophy and vision statement along with a Strategic Plan guide the direction of our school as 1 entity. 
  • The approach to teaching and learning is the same at both campuses, all led by Nicole Phillips, our Teaching and Learning Assistant Principal. 
  • The expectations of students and approaches to safeguarding their well-being are the same at both campuses, which are led by Narelle Sullivan (Student Wellbeing & Engagement Assistant Principal), Jarrod Rodgers (Disability & Inclusion Leader), and Will Georgiou (Mental Health & Wellbeing Coordinator). 
  • Students at both campuses have the same opportunities to be involved in extracurricular activities (eg, sporting teams, school concerts, school fete, debating, camps, etc) 
  • Unlike similar small schools, Scotsburn has access to all of the resources, programs, events and expertise that comes with being associated with Buninyong PS. 
  • The teachers currently at Scotsburn are part of the Buninyong PS team and continue to work closely with their colleagues at the other campus. Teachers usually spend 3 or 4 years at the Scotsburn Campus at a time. 
  • The uniform is the same at both campuses. 



It is the parents who choose the campus that is right for their child. So how do you decide and what are the differences between the campuses? Scotsburn delivers a slightly different experience by virtue of its size.  This pans out in the following ways: 

  • At Scotsburn the classes are multi-age, often with 3 or 4 year levels in the same room. As a result, children at Scotsburn tend not to identify as closely with a year level and mix with a broader age range of peers.   
  • The smaller campus allows for a more community-based schooling experience. Some families are keen to be part of a close-knit community. 
  • Naturally, the Scotsburn Campus is a quieter environment, which suits some children. 


It’s not unusual for a family to have a child or children at both campuses, which is a product of parents realising their children are different and are more likely to thrive at different campuses. 


If you think that the Scotsburn Campus may be a great option for your child, speak with Jarrod, Bernie or our lovely office staff to book in a tour. 

Mr Jarrod Morgan

Head Teacher
Classroom Teacher   SC2

Mrs Ana Anderson

Classroom Teacher SC1

Mrs Liz Morgan

Art & Japanese

Ms Rachel Middlin

STEM & Physical Education

Mrs Raquel Elsey

Education Support

Ms Margie Waack

Education Support