Facilities and Grounds

At our Buninyong campus that includes a full sized Gym, Library, Art room, Japanese room, Music room and 28 dedicated classrooms. The original Buninyong Police Station, which is located on our school site, has been fully restored and is now used extensively as a break away space.  We have beautiful grounds, which have seen many improvements in recent years and present a broad range of play options for our students. Those who like action and sport have purpose built areas for that. Those more interested in passive or creative play have spaces for that too. We have established interesting play spaces right throughout our grounds and as a result the children are well spread at break times and no specific areas feel crowded.

Our Scotsburn Campus is also well equipped. It has three dedicated classrooms, plus the original school building which is used for gatherings and as a break away space for group work, a fully renovated large shed that is used as a multi-purpose space and an additional teaching space used for Art.  Like Buninyong, this campus has fantastic grounds which provide a range of play options and lots of fun for all students.