Campus Structure


Offering two campuses allows Buninyong Primary School to be flexible and cater for a wide variety of student needs. 

Playground with kids

Buninyong Campus

This campus is located in the beautiful township of Buninyong on the southern edge of Ballarat.  There are 600 students working in 27 classes at our Buninyong Campus.  We run straight year level classes, with 4 classes in all but 1 year level.  Despite being large, the environment is friendly, welcoming and calm.

All students leave their home teacher for specialist subjects each week, those being Music, Japanese, PE and Art.  Students head off to specialist subjects as a year level, providing year level teacher teams the opportunity to plan together.  This promotes high level sharing and learning between staff and is an important driver of success in our school.

All students belong to a ‘Family Group’ made up of students from P-6.  Our Family Groups get together fortnightly to undertake activities that relate to our current whole school Social & Emotional Learning theme.

The school has outstanding facilities, including a full sized gym and dedicated spaces for a Library, Art, Japanese and Music.  We recently renovated the original Buninyong Police Station, which is on our site….this provides an excellent break away space for small group work.  We have fantastic grounds, which look terrific and present a wide variety of play options for students.

The playground is large and easily accommodates our students, both in terms of space and in terms of a variety of play options to keep everyone engaged and happy.

Scotsburn Campus

Our Scotsburn Campus is set in the rural community of Scotsburn, which is just up the Midland Highway and set in the rural community. This campus has just over 60 students who work in 3 multi-age classrooms….typically P-2, 2-4 & 4-6.

The facilities at Scotsburn are fantastic.  There are 3 classrooms, as well as the original classroom (used for meetings, intervention programs, small group work, cooking and so on), a large multi-purpose shed (decked out as a comfortable work space) and another dedicated class space used for Art and Japanese classes.

In the past Scotsburn students have travelled to Buninyong for their specialist classes, but now these are all delivered on site.  The specialist subject areas covered are PE, Japanese and The Arts.

The yard is inviting and presents a broad range of play options for the students. There is a resurfaced oval complete with an in-ground sprinkler system, creative play areas for building cubby huts, a Ga Ga Pit, basketball rings, sand pit, a range of climbing apparatus and much more.

A feature of the school is the high level of parent participation which is actively encouraged by our “open door” policy. It is a close school community and everyone pitches in where they can to help out. Opportunities for parents to get involved include excursions, helping with our Friday rotations (cooking & gardening), working bees, fundraisers and classroom support just to name a few.

The school has a strong environmental focus, with children caring for chickens, fish, a lizard, tending to a vegetable garden, seed propagation & tree planting. As the Scotsburn Campus is a Landcare School, the children are also involved in programs and excursions in conjunction with the local Landcare group. A highlight for Scotsburn students is a rotation of activities each Friday where the children cook using produce from the vegetable garden and engage in Landcare/gardening and team building / B+ activities (Social Emotional Learning).

There are bus services to and from Scotsburn which students can access.  There is a bus service that leaves from Buninyong each morning, which takes students out to Scotsburn and this same service drops Scotsburn students back to the Buninyong Campus after school.  This is a free service.  There are also country buses run by Public Transport Victoria that service Scotsburn.  These run to and from Elaine, Yendon and Mount Mercer and are free for eligible travellers.  Contact the office for details about bus services.

Our Scotsburn Campus is perfect for parents who want to provide their child with a small school experience and the sense of community this brings.  Having said that, Scotsburn students get the best of both worlds.  As a campus of Buninyong PS, Scotsburn students participate in camps & excursions, the school fete, the school concert, inter-school sporting teams, debating teams, leadership programs, special theme days and the many other things that happen in bigger schools. Regular access to the library and gym at the Buninyong campus is also an added bonus.

Scotsburn is a great place for children, parents and staff and will continue to provide positive education outcomes for the students so that they can achieve to their full potential and become productive members of the community.